3 comments on “An Interesting Article: How Changing Film Cost One Photographer a Chance at an Iconic Vietnam War Photo

  1. He would have been using a Leica M, which was also a bottom loader, but allowed the back to open partly. Just about any camera used by a ‘pro’ during the Vietnam war era would be ‘fiddly’- the ubiquitous Nikon F, for instance, whose back slid off for loading was not significantly better or faster in terms of film loading than a Leica M. The photo in the article is an earlier Leica, which would not have likely been used by a pro in 1972. The event happened 2 generations before digital became prevalent. But at least Leicas from that period are still useable now. Digital cameras from little less than a decade ago will likely be dead now or be considered ‘obsolete’; and a typical digital file shot within the period is very fragile- corruption and deletion is so easy to do.

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